Babies & Kids Photography

Welcome to the world little one!

Why should I take professional kids photography photos?

Capture the moments of your baby while s/he is still tiny by someone who understands lighting, posing and safety of children during a photo shoot session, ( we’ve started our business 17 years ago). Not only will you love having these photos done, but your child will later thank you for having these precious times documented ! You’ll be able to share the first beautiful baby photos with your friends and family.

Who is invited to be a part of my kids session?

Your baby will be of course the star of the show but we always love to do photos with mommy and daddy and siblings as well. There is no additional fee for siblings or pets either. We highly encourage it.

What do you get when booking with us?  

Besides Kohalafoto's infectious happiness and energy, and many amazing images. You’ll also have your choice of MANY great products to choose from. Wall collages & prints, Custom albums, Grandparent albums, Baby announcements, Zig Zag booklets, and so much more. You can get all the digitals on CD or USB too, but we rather upload to our gallery where you can order prints and products. (You don't have to, but we would love to encourage you to not be one of those that just gets digitals and tucks them away on a computer hard drive, or just share briefly on social media and that's it, and nobody ever sees the beautiful prints.  Be proud and print your memories !
What amount of time is needed for a newborn photography session?

The newborn session typically takes about 2 hours but it all depends on your baby. What do we wear to the photo shoot? White or light clothing works the best for the studio newborn portraits. We also have variety of clothing to choose from at the studio.

Where does the newborn photography session takes place?

We offer all of our kids session at the beach (early am or late afternoon), at your house, or at our home studio (mainly newborn sessions). Our home studio is located in Englewood Florida, where we have control of the sets, lighting setup, environment, and have a cozy place for the session to take place in. We have plenty of props including hats, headbands, outfits and backgrounds that you can choose from. You are welcome to bring a few of your favorites too. The more the better :-)

We are excited you are here, now let’s convince your mommy to let us capture some of those sweet smiles of yours before you run off to college :-)

Session Booking Form

Check all that apply that you're interested in. If you don't see what you're looking for, just write it in the notes below. Please let me know as many details about your requested session as possible!